Monday, January 31, 2011


i think the best part about gage being away is putting together he care packages. i loves everything i send him :). im sure the next ones i send him he will become the happiest guy ever. he asked for more pictures of me to send to him. i def cant wait to edit them and send them to him. he will love the pics i send. now i also love that he can talk on skype with me. seeing his face makes my day. even though i didnt talk to him today he was so sweet he let me sleep instead of trying to wake my self up enough to talk. cant wait until july when i go to co and get an apartment with him and just spend so much time with him. i love gage so much i dont think words can describe it anymore.


  1. hey hun its kayla and yea i know how that feeling is i loved sending tim packages and sending my baby brother stuff to!! soo fun! if u need help let me know