Monday, January 31, 2011


i think the best part about gage being away is putting together he care packages. i loves everything i send him :). im sure the next ones i send him he will become the happiest guy ever. he asked for more pictures of me to send to him. i def cant wait to edit them and send them to him. he will love the pics i send. now i also love that he can talk on skype with me. seeing his face makes my day. even though i didnt talk to him today he was so sweet he let me sleep instead of trying to wake my self up enough to talk. cant wait until july when i go to co and get an apartment with him and just spend so much time with him. i love gage so much i dont think words can describe it anymore.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

is it an act

i have never stoppped loving gage lien. the way he has been lately its like he has been pretending to love me. i actually wouldt be surprised if he has been cheating on. he gets mad cuz i wasnt awake at 330 in the morning. its called sleeping and i need cuz i have to take care of his son all day long. i will always love him no matter what so if this marriage fails then i will be single the rest of my life so i have no desire loving or being married to anyone else. :'(!!!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

fights i hate

while gage is gone on deployment the one thing i hate our fights. im not sure if our marriage will last since he doesnt seem happy and its like an act. i hope its not true. im so happy with gage. i love him with all my heart. maybe he will grow up and realize how much he is hurting me. even if our marriage fails i will always love gage ryan lien. well until next time.... goodbye